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Kaylen Edwards is an active fine art professional in the Sonoma county area. Kaylen has been a practicing artist for six years, exhibiting work in galleries as well as consistently selling and commissioning work. She has graduated from Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State University where she received her BFA degree. Kaylen was born in California's central valley in Santa Maria and now lives in Sonoma County. Her art work is primarily done with printmaking, paper works, ceramic mediums and digital photography. Some of the ceramic work she does she adds mix media items to like hair, plastic, glass and other items. As of recently her art works have begun to move into mixing both paper and ceramic mediums together and trying out other unconventional mediums like slime, food and water bottles. She creates her art work with the intent to share bizarre and at time theatrical stories from real life experience and imaginary stories that she has created herself.  She has been inspired by many artists and stories that use stenciling, animation, cartooning, illustrating and mix media sculptures that depict dark and satirical humor in their work. Her narrative works depending on the subject can be emotionally disturbing as each piece she makes can either be grotesque and unnerving or in the positive spin dreamlike, playful and humorous. Her goal is to try to invoke some kind of emotional response either negative or positive in the viewers of her work, so that she can see how her bizarre and theatrical stories affect others.

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