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I create my art work with the intent to share my bizarre and at time theatrical stories from real life experiences and imaginary stories that I have created myself. I have been inspired by many artists and stories that use stenciling, animation, cartooning, illustrating and mix media sculptures that depict dark and satirical humor in their work. I use printmaking, ceramic amd mix media mediums to share my stories. I will add mix media items like hair, plastic, glass and other items to my ceramic pieces as well. I find the use of mix media items gives my work a more tactile quality and humanizes the piece.  My subjects and themes for my art change constantly, so my art work will have images that will be grotesque and unnerving or more dreamlike and humorous, depending on the subject I choose to focus on. My goal is to try to invoke some kind of emotional response either negative or positive in the viewers of my work, so that I can see how my bizarre and theatrical stories affect others.

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